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Welcome to the Integrated Services Website

The Integrated Services Website (ISW) is the central repository for resources and information regarding the use and support of the British Columbia enterprise Student Information System (BCeSIS), as well as the integrated BCeSIS/PLNet Service Desk. The site, which is managed by the Fujitsu BCeSIS Team in collaboration with the Ministry and various District governance/working groups, provides a variety of public resources and notifications to BCeSIS users and support personnel (e.g. News and Alerts, schedule of upcoming events, and a library of learning resources) as well as secure resources available on login to BCeSIS Level 1s and PLNet Coordinators.

IMPORTANT! Please Read
MyEducation BC Production Outage Notice - 03.19.2015

Environment Dates Details
MyEducation BC Production
Apr 5 - 7
The MyEducation BC Production environment will be offline between 07:00 am PT Sunday April 5th and 07:00 am PT Tuesday April 7th for load testing.



03.27.2015 : MyEducation BC January Exam Marks Upload Completed
Exam marks data from the Administrative Officer (TRAX) has been loaded successfully into MyEducation BC Production. For schools generating their TRAX extract from MyEdBC, student information has now been updated with the Provincial exam and blended marks.